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Susan & Hector's Book 

Sue and Hector Badeau's new book, "Are We There Yet? The Ultimate Road Trip Adopting and Raising 22 Kids!"is now available to buy in Our Store or on Amazon

Are We There Yet is an entertaining story which also imparts nuggets of parenting wisdom for any parent or grandparent. It is packed with spiritual truths and life lessons for teachers, social workers, pastors and others. Sue is a nationally known speaker on child and family topics, Hector works with homeless adults. They live in Philadelphia and are active in Summit Presbyterian Church. They have served as foster parents and as a refugee host family. Learn more about the Badeau family here and about Sue’s speaking and writing ministry at

Come along with Hector and Sue Badeau on their ultimate road trip – adopting and raising 22 children, from diverse backgrounds with many special needs. Like any road trip, their story has twists and turns, detours and surprises. You’ll be inspired, laugh out loud and shed tears as you share their experiences in foster care and adoption, coping with teenage pregnancies, addictions, unimaginable accomplishments and raw moments of grief after the untimely deaths of three beloved children. 

Sue and Hector Badeau's new book, "Are We There Yet? The Ultimate Road Trip Adopting and Raising 22 Kids!" is now available to buy in Our Store or on Amazon!

What Others are Saying about “Are We There Yet?”:

“The Badeaus have shown, in a way few others have, what it means to live an abundantly fulfilled life. “Are We There Yet” is a journey of immense faith, immense joy, immense love, immense capacity.” Dr. William C. Bell, President, Casey Family Programs

“I laughed, I cried, This book is a reading must for every adoptive parent; truly, this is a book for EVERY parent: the ups, the downs and under it the absolute, enduring, unquenchable love and faith and hope that sustains all. The Badeaus weren’t adopting kids, they were multiplying love.” John A. "Jack" Calhoun, Author of Hope Matters: The Untold Story of How Faith Works in America

“What a wonderful story of love! Not all of us are called to parent 22 children but their story can inspire all of us to open our hearts wider; to be more open to the journey of love—a costly journey at times. As an adoptive mom myself, I love the realistic picture of adoption. This book will change you, regardless where you are on your own journey.” Nancie Carmichael, author of Selah and Surviving One Bad Year

“There are very few people as limitlessly generous, determined, and bullheadedly optimistic as Sue and Hector Badeau. The story of their family is the story of humans doing an astonishing and wonderful thing which seems impossible until somebody does it, like running a four-minute mile. But now that they’ve shown us the way in this book, maybe, as with the four-minute mile, others will follow.” Larissa MacFarquhar, The New Yorker

“The Badeaus journey. Filled with the happiest--and saddest--of moments. You don't want to miss this. You simply don't.” Eva Marie Everson, Author of the Cedar Key Series

“Are We There Yet? is a giant roadmap of a book. Climb into their family van, fasten your seatbelt and hang on for a wild and heart-warming ride of a lifetime, a ride full of laughter, tears, and the importance of providing children with a forever family that loves them no matter what.” Jolene Philo, author of the Different Dream Parenting Series

"The Badeaus are heroes to children. Having spent almost ten years in foster care, I know what it is like to be waiting for a forever family and there are so few who will take on children of any age, color, or need. The Badeaus have raised 22 children, and worked to change policy and laws that help thousands of children a year find safe, loving forever families." Ashley Rhodes-Courter, author of the NYT Bestselling book, “Three Little Words"

“Love is truly the universal, color-blind language in this family. Their family picture is a rainbow of faces and toothy smiles of African American, Latino, Chinese, Indian, and Caucasian children. Wheelchairs and braces dot the landscape, but not a single child carries a label other than Badeau. Are We There Yet? is one book you'll never forget.” Vonda Skelton, founder of Christian Communicators Conference

“In the adoption community, people often talk about the joys and challenges of raising children who have special needs. Are We There Yet? brings those joys and challenges to light as it allows us to join the amazing Badeau family on their adoption odyssey. This inspirational book reminds us that all children deserve a permanent, loving family, and all families raising children who have experienced trauma need their own community of support. I am in awe of their extraordinary personal and professional commitment to vulnerable children and their families. Joe Kroll, executive director, North American Council on Adoptable Children

“The Badeau’s story, chronicled in Are We There There Yet? is a beautiful testament to the miracle of adoption and the love of a family that knows no color, shape, or size.” U.S. Senator Mary L. Landrieu, Co-Chair, Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute 

Meet The Badeau Family

Susan and Hector Badeau, are high school sweethearts. Some call them idealists, some call them angels. Call them whatever you want, they are focused on one thing--the well being of children, all children. They started out together with a plan of having a few children and adopting a few children. They ended up having two biological children and adopting 20 children. Their adopted children came from many different states and countries. They are of all ages, races, and physical, mental, and emotional states of well being.

They have also served as foster parents for more than 50 children in three states, and as a host family for refugee youth from Sudan, Kosovo and Guatemala. They now have over 40 grandchildren and four great-grandchildren. They have won numerous awards for their work, including being recognized by President Clinton with an “Adoption Excellence” award for their work on behalf of adoption and children in foster care in 1997.

The Badeau family is made up of many ethnicities and many personalities. Some children were adopted at birth; others were teenagers when they joined the family. Some are from the United States; others are from countries around the world. Some have mental, physical, intellectual, or emotional challenges.

Susan Badeau has been working as a child welfare professional for over thirty years. Susan and Hector started two adoption agencies together, Root Wings and Adoption Resource Center. Hector has always been the stay at home Dad for the family.

In addition to their own children, Hector and Sue have served as surrogate parents for countless neighb​orhood and church children. Hector was recently named one of West Mt. Airy Neighbor's 50 Good Neighbors because of his charitable work in the community and with the youth of the community.

Our Vision

Hector and Susan Badeau have always had big visions and dreams – and they have dedicated their lives to bringing those visions into reality. This has included raising 22 children and being advocates for children and families everywhere. Now, they, together with their adult children, are ready to take the vision to the next level by opening their home to families and individuals in need of respite – their dream is to use their principle asset – their home – as well as their creative energy to create an accessible, peaceful oasis within a bustling city where guests can rest their bodies and refuel their spirits. Read more about this vision here. Read more about the Badeau family here. And if you would like to learn how you can help, click here.